How to Get The Most Out of Smiley 360

How to Get The Most Out of Smiley 360

Tips, tricks, secrets and more to get the most out of this Product Testing website, and more. Smiley360 does Surveys too!

Log in often, sometimes there are missions that you don’t know about till the email comes, and that could be too late.

You will need a Facebook account, and a Twitter account before really getting started with My Smiley360.  If you don’t wish to subject your Facebook friends to the postings, you can make them private when you are offered them.

When you log in click on “My Smiley360” on the top menu. Your new missions will be at the top where it says “Offers for You” on that My Smiley360 page.

You will need to apply for the mission, if you don’t fit what they are looking for you will not get the mission.

Once you accept the mission, you will need to complete, posting the link on Twitter, post the link on Facebook. Click that you shared it with 10 people or more in person and reply what was said and/or happened.

Then click on other ways to share, and copy the link and either give it to 10 friends or click it yourself, which I do.  Facebook posting, Twitter posting, and the clicking your own link gets you 10 points each. It takes some time for Twitter to be indexed so don’t worry. Just make sure your Twitter postings aren’t private, your Facebook ones can be private, but not your Twitter ones.

You must accept permission to allow Smilely360 app to connect on Facebook in order to do the review. If you don’t you won’t  be able to maximize your point earnings per mission, and may not even be able to complete any  missions.

Next you fill in their little Smiley360 connect. Just review the product they are offering.  That’s another 10 points. The goal is to get 50 as quickly as possible. Yes it’s really that simple, you are now done with your mission and it will disappear. You can check your mission status at anytime by clicking on the My Smiley360 and going down to Status & Smiles on the left hand side. Click on “View My Status & Smiles”

If you do really good you will get a bonus of 10 points, making your mission 60 points!

Smiley360 has five levels. Fifth level is for members that are hand picked to achieve. The higher you achieve, the more missions you are lead to believe you will receive.

You should never end a mission yourself, it will end automatically when you reached the max amount of points.

Be sure to fill in your profile, the more you provide the more chances of missions you will get. If you would like to see many of the things I’ve gotten for free from Smiley360 stop by here:!/media/set/?set=a.10150175181778306.316038.46962093305&type=3

You can sign up here:

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